Creating An Effective Digital Product

MDR’s Amplifier Product

Amplifier is all about our past clients' mission "Being Heard" in the education space. While at MDR, Becca was the product manager who developed the digital services product from the ground up. The product was effective in helping to meet our clients' goals.


Our Goal

To Develop a multi-channel targeted marketing package for reaching known educators across a variety of platforms.


Amplifier was (and is) the flagship soup-to-nuts digital advertising package for MDR’s sales toolkit. Included email, web advertising, social pushes, and social advertising. Additionally, we used these same services to promote the Amplifier product — logo design, webpages, email campaigns, and social strategy were all designed and implemented to push the product out, for the world to see and share.

EMC7 Roles

Becca was the product manager who developed the product, trained sales, and managed projects. Dave was a top sales representative, helping clients maximize their budgets.


MDR served over 50 EDU companies in first year, representing a strong revenue stream.


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