What Connects You

EMC7 is a digital marketing agency for educational brands and nonprofits, increasing profitability, brand recognition, and mission awareness for a growing number of clients. We achieve client satisfaction through advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns, and especially, our use of smart social content which creates strong connections between our clients and their consumers and supporters. We are located in New Haven, Connecticut.



Increasing our clients’ revenue and social responsibility are not at odds; rather, it is quite the contrary. EMC7 creates powerful, effective content for people and companies who want to increase profitability or mission awareness by creating strong connections between these companies and organizations and their consumers and supporting donors. And we have 7 guiding principles which makes it all possible. Read more→



The EMC7 Leadership

In 2016, three creative, progressive minds within the marketing and education space united to form EMC7, Becca Ryan, an innovative strategist and project manager; Dave Orloff, a veteran account director; and Curt Kibbe, a quantitative, statistical analyst. Together, they have assembled an ensemble of able professionals in a variety of strategic, creative, and analytical fields. Find out more→


A YOUNG Company
with a Long History


We are able to show a portion of our combined work online. Please inquire about client specific work you would like to see during your presentation, and EMC7 would be pleased to make it available for your review. In the meantime, here are a few projects–and results–we have the “okay” to show off. See some work→



MARKETING Services that create
Strong Connections

Strong connections can be constructed in many different ways with two primary variables which guide our building process: what our clients want to accomplish and how much they have to spend on Marketing and Advertising.  EMC7 has the “Enlightened Marketing Algorithm” to calculate what will work best for a organization based on its goals and budget.

Our process is tried and true: we diagnose, recommend, collaborate, plan, execute, analyze, and report (and then we collaborate some more). Generally, these services can be a costly undertaking; however, reducing these costs while delivering results is EMC7’s contribution to Education and Nonprofit Spaces. What can we say, giving back makes us feel good. Find out more about our services→


A Passion for Connectivity.

We encourage you to reach out to us with questions, challenges, and problems you might need help solving. Getting the attention and engagement that you need to grow your brand or mission is pretty challenging. We want you to know that EMC7 is equipped to address your marketing concerns and ready to become a helping hand for your company.

Connecting with new customers, supporters, and promoters begins by connecting with EMC7. We are experts at creating strong connections, and it all begins with the ones we create with our own clients.