Our Seven Principles to Enlightened Marketing

These principles are our guide for creating effective campaigns and achieving our mission for ourselves and for our clients, and through the employment of these principles, we consistently deliver innovative, effective, and beneficial marketing, for our clients, their customers and supporters, and the world in general, too.


Education is likely the greatest marketing tool in the EMC7 toolkit. We understand people have an innate drive for learning, beginning from the moment they arrive on earth. And when you combine education with social responsibility, strong connections abound. We use the education principle throughout our clients’ marketing efforts to create relationships with consumers.

We also use this principle with our clients directly, by providing insight and learning into what we do for them. Our clients have the desire to learn too, and we find it to be socially, and financially, responsible to teach them how to maintain the marketing processes we develop for them. It’s what makes us feel good.



This principle is near and dear to our hearts and a founding rationale for EMC7. Over our careers, we've often seen clients being overcharged for underperforming programs. It touched a nerve which sparked a vow: to work in a streamlined and purposeful way that will generate the best outcomes quickly and at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to building a new, ethical marketing agency and wonderful way to earn a living.

EMC7 creates products and programs with genuine value over the long term because we create rewarding partnerships with our clients that flourish over time.



Like T.S. Elliot, “we shall not cease from exploration.” or its motive,  discovery. This principle reminds EMC7 to journey deep into our clients’ brands and even deeper to the wellspring of available technologies to transmit messaging, to discover new ways to stand above the competition.

We are a nimble, multifaceted agency that thrives on adventure. We must navigate the ocean of technology to discover which ones work best with our clients’ goals and messages, and at the very least, “to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”



In the material world, heat is what excites things, you know, like atoms, for example. The EMC7 leadership has been using this principle for 20 years, creating hot content and generating attention and interest from our clients’ prospective consumers. Our principle states that if you want to involve customers with your brand, you have to get them excited about something. Enter social responsibility.

In the 21st century, consumer bases are more socially responsible than ever before, and causes, as opposed to heat, excite them. To make the physics even more complicated, however, these prospective customers have blockers against Edward Thorndike’s renowned “Halo Effect.” In other words, seeming socially responsible is not enough; the organization must be authentic.

EMC7 was spawned by authenticity, a mitigating factor when it comes to creating campaigns that consumers are willing to share. We work with our clients to construct campaigns where their values are made crystal clear, and engaging messages shine through the creative. For us, it’s not quantum mechanics; It’s second nature.



An ultra effective marketing campaign is challenging to conduct but far from impossible, especially when we remember that an ensemble of experts will play their parts.

Our clients are experts at their own business, and our team, at their respective “instruments,” but let’s not forget to include the customers, because they have a part to play as well. When customers and supporters are viewed as just another fraction of the bottom line, our clients’ organizations are doomed to have to have empty relationships with them. EMC7 creates marketing campaigns that utilize engagement strategies which convert these consumers from tiny statistics to major promoters, because they want to participate with the brand.

Through our ENSEMBLE approach, we are able to create a community around our clients’ products, services, missions, and messages. We are all in this together, and that’s music to our ears.



EMC7 understands that great leaders not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. We provide true value and authentic support to our clients by living the socially-responsible message that we preach, and these behaviors are directed towards everyone with a touchpoint at EMC7. Ethical marketing is only possible when passionate people are inspired by their work, and it is safe to say, that great work is accomplished only when talented and motivated people are empowered to create it.  

EMC7 will continue to be a purpose-driven agency because we too are empowered by the voices of everyone involved, our clients and our team, their staff and their customers, their vendors, our vendors, and everyone in between.



Engaging with consumers in a powerful and impactful way begins with the relationship between our clients and us. In the same way that EMC7 creates campaigns to unite its clients with customers by identifying common values, interests, and desires, we find a common viewpoint with our clients, through open, honest collaboration. The client and agency relationship should be, at the client’s discretion, a happy and long-term relationship, a union, formed by a commitment to work together and solidified through results.

The quality of the work for our clients stems from the quality of the relationship with our clients, and we are committed to begin our work by becoming your better half. Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.” We have found this to be true in the way we engage with our clients, and, with their customers.