Our Marketing Strategy & Editorial Calendar

Planning facilitates our effective campaigns and guides creative.

From the diagnostic report, we plan your campaign and develop the details of when and where content will be published and how it will distributed — we create our client’s marketing strategy, a document used to create a recommended timetable, budget and scope. Our editorial calendar guides us as we reach consumers with your products, services, mission, and messages.

Strategic Efforts

Our Integrated Marketing Strategy typically involves many types of digital marketing combined with traditional marketing efforts.

EXPLORATION POSTS: Finding your customers.

  • Focus on REACH through social, blog, SEO
  • Publish and promote content per strategy
  • Allow and encourage sharing
  • Draw people to your website
  • Encourage signup to email list
  • Unique visitors
  • Fans/Followers

DECISION MAKING POSTS: Getting to know you.

  • Be worth finding! Drive ACTION on website, blog, and social
  • Relevant, inspirational, useful and creates leads
  • Speaking of leads, sign up to email list
  • Leads
  • Engagement rate

PURCHASE POSTS: They’re all in.

  • CONVERT followers to purchasers
  • Remarketing promotions reinforces relevance and drives conversion
  • Sales
  • Loyalty




Key Content Types

Our Marketing Strategy incorporates strategic content types

PROMOTIONAL CONTENT drives to your website, blog, and specific places where customers can learn more.

  • Product offers
  • Email newsletter sign ups
  • Speaking engagement announcements

BRAND CONTENT is meant to be highly shareable, inspirational, and valuable.

  • Fresh blog or article content
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Links to relevant resources
  • Stories from readers/fans/followers


  • Like/Follow related organizations on Facebook & Twitter
  • Share relevant posts/images to your audience from those organizations
  • Encourage them to return connection and sharing
  • Participate in regular social tagging


  • In order to continually provide a reason to visit, fresh content is essential.
  • Blog strategy determined in conjunction client team
  • Social media and email are the way we get the word out about new posts

The Editorial Calendar

EMC7 integrates Strategy Efforts and Content Types with an editorial calendar, to determine how often and when posts should be made on social properties. Frequency as a variable of efficacy as well as seasonal timing are important considerations. The result is a schedule for the production of creative content/assets and a specific timing for publishing and distribution, all of which embody the EMC7 strategy for our clients.