Social Media Ad Management Services
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & More

Helping you reach the people you need to with the content you already have. It is getting harder and harder to reach your audience organically, and success is driven by the ability to reach intended audiences.

If you’ve got your Facebook or Twitter channels under control but need expert assistance in making sure your content is reaching your target audience, we can help you manage their ever changing world of paid media algorithms. Paid content promotion in the form of highly targeted trackable ads assures your content is getting to the right audience and with increased reach.

We can help you run results-driven, targeted Facebook and Twitter ads efficiently by:

  • Creating and optimizing customized, targeted, matched audiences.
  • Creating targeted ad units
  • Managing targeted paid campaigns
  • Boosting existing posts
  • Translating existing posts into ad campaigns

While we can create custom audiences for any demographic, we have proven success with our curated one to one matched audiences of known K-12 and higher ed educators as well as with audiences of high school students.