EMC7 Leadership

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If the constant flood of new technology has left you with more questions than answers, Becca can help. With several decades of digital marketing experience, she has seen and adapted to the many major evolutions in how we communicate with each other, and she has used each iteration expertly, to advance the goals of her clients and their businesses.

She has worked for nonprofits, service organizations, authors and Fortune 100 companies, as both a digital strategist and project manager, and has designed hundreds of strategic marketing plans and nearly as many websites.

These days, she is not taken aback by her passion for socially-responsible projects, especially those projects that help individuals learn and grow, because she believes we can improve lives and improve our business at the same time, and the technology just keeps making that job easier. Technology may be rapidly evolving, but for her, one thing has remained the same: her view of the client-agency relationship — it still comes down to providing value and establishing a true connection.



As a certified life and corporate coach and a practitioner of transcendental meditation, Dave believes holistically helping people is more vital than "getting the sale." With more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the education space, Dave lives by the notion that profitability is not in contradiction with social good.

While serving as an Account Executive for a Fortune 500 company, Dave became interested in how social consciousness had changed the marketing game. He was fascinated with the knowledge of which brands  a new generation of consumers trusted, why they trusted them, and how shared advocacy can grow businesses while having a positive, global impact.   

After a lifetime of developing premier programs that help marketers reach and teach their audiences, Dave was still left feeling a bit hollow. "What does a person do when they reach a pinnacle of achievement — where can they go professionally?" Dave found his calling to combine sales and marketing with socially-responsible mediums, and the gods sweetened the deal, through a partnership with Becca Ryan. Armed with the belief that great marketing optimizes life, EMC7 was born.



Curt has a diverse management background in quantitative/statistical analysis, budgeting, accounting, and forecasting. With decades of experience developing financial systems for a variety of businesses, Curt remains passionate about creating long-lasting, value-driven relationships with clients.

Curt understands that when the numbers are working, everyone is happy. He also makes a great chicken parm.