Facebook Business Page Changes - Is The Sky Falling?

Headlines suggest Facebook is changing their post delivery algorithm and your entire world is about to come crashing down around you. 

Is the sky falling? No.

More accurately, it's always maybe falling and almost never in the way that we think. 

Facebook and other social media promotional channels have a nasty habit of changing faster than a carnival ride. One day your posts are showing up to all of your fans and followers so your KPI is how many fans you have. The next, organic traffic drops by 50% and then drops again because Facebook changed their algorithm again. Some channels have a minimum buy of 50K one day and then roll out a bidding style ad platform with no minimums that are surprisingly cost effective. Facebook is in hot water for their algorithm in many ways and Twitter is responding by promising transparency

Buckle up and ride safely.

Buckle up and ride safely.

What's a marketing department to do?

1. Don't Panic. 

Let us do that for you. Just kidding, kind of. I won't lie. The latest news out of Facebookland had me a bit on edge. Then I remembered my own advice. Here's what I learned.

In the case of the latest Facebook drama, really do not panic. The headlines are scary but they aren't accurate. Here's what we know. Facebook is testing a change in 7 countries. It separates business page posts from friend posts. And business page posts don't show in the newsfeed. We know a lot more but frankly, I don't want to bore busy people with hard to follow stories about what might happen someday. So let's just say, if it does go through in the U.S., it will make it harder to generate organic traffic. 

What????? Panic now right?

Nah. We believe there's always a path to glory. And in this case, they are still testing. They don't have plans to roll it out to everyone. But if they do...

2. Be Prepared. 

You already probably started working on your paid promotion strategy. Get better at it. Figure out your best audiences now. Don't wait for the day they make another change. 

Define your audiences, test them, get to know who they are and what they respond to. Figure out how much it costs you on each channel for your key engagement factors. 

That way, if you have to start paying for your posts to be seen, you won't waste money on unknown audiences. 

And strengthen your email list. Almost all channels have matched audience capabilities now. You can only benefit from having a robust list you can use to create target audiences everywhere from Twitter to Snapchat.

3. Get Help.

If you need help, we are here. And we will do our best to not panic and we will tell you if we don't know the answers. And get back to you with an optimistic, realistic, revenue focused response. 

Connect with us, in whatever way makes you happy. 

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