Back To School Time - My Data & Analytics Journey

I started taking an online program in December and I have to admit it has been extremely challenging.

The course focuses on building digital strategies, data, AI, and analytics. It was all hunky dory until I had to interpret some data in a very unfamiliar market and in an unfamiliar and not-me-friendly format.

Then they asked a question and I answered it correctly but not for the reason they wanted me to…and it was Calculus all over again. I got an A but I couldn’t explain how to save a life.

I just stalled. I kept staring at the monitor and the numbers were blending together and none of it made sense. Kept reading who the clusters were and trying to connect my GUT to the data.

Eventually, I printed the chart out and looked at it on paper. This is close to what it looked like when I did:


Suddenly, it all became clear. My gut was right. And in the format that worked for me, I easily found the data that supported my gut instinct.

My point is that sometimes we get shown the light if we look at it right. Switch it up, look around, dive deeper and you might find some new hidden abilities and strengths!

Rebecca RyanMOOCComment