Facebook Ad Targeting Changes - What You Need to Know

If you pay attention to politics, data privacy issues, or even just use social media personally, you most likely have heard about Facebook's issues with influencing elections, creating illegal ads, and data privacy. 

When it comes to creating  targeted audiences, what you may not know is WHY, HOW, and IF Facebook's issues impact your business.

EMC7 manages quite a number of highly targeted client ad campaigns on Facebook. So we pay a lot of attention to the changes that started recently and will continue to evolve in the next 5 or 6 months.  We will be writing a series of short articles designed to help you digest the news and determine how it impacts you.

How Facebook Gets The Data Used To Create Targeted Ads And Audiences:

Facebook's ad targeting options are based on a number of data sources collected about users’ lives. This data included things like hobbies, finances, ethnicity, and religion. 

  • Information you have provided directly to Facebook. This could include your date of birth, music you like, your employer, where you live, etc.
  • Your behavior on Facebook - do you like a lot of sports media outlets? Share regularly from specific sport sites? That behavior is tracked and feeds your profile. 
  • If you participate in loyalty programs, those advertisers may share data. 
  • Data supplied by third-party data partners. These Partner Categories are going away.

Who Cares? Why Does It Even Matter?

Ad targeting matters. While it can be used for good, it can also be used for nefarious purposes like advertising your rental properties only to straight white Christians. It could also be used to serve misleading ads to groups of people susceptible to false advertising.

What Does This Have To Do With Partner Categories?

Facebook is stripping out these third-party targeting options. The use of these options may have been helpful for you if you were trying to reach users with specific behaviors they exhibit outside of Facebook. 

Going forward, if you want to target certain users,  you will need to use Facebook’s behavior targeting, interest targeting, or create your own custom audience, with email addresses you have obtained legally.

How Does This Impact Me?

If you have been relying on clickbait style ads, you will have to make some adjustments to your copy and targeting. But you probably shouldn't have been leaning on Clickbait for quality leads. You knew that. 


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