What To Do In The Face Of "Facebook Apocalypse"

We Prefer Facebook Zero

First and foremost. Remain calm.

I say it again and again because I really really double extra mean it. You can remain calm.

I know that sounds crazy, given that the nickname that is catching on has the word APOCALYPSE right there in the title. I kind of preferred Facebook Zero over Facebook Apocalypse but the misnomer is what it is. 

Before we begin, the word apocalypse is scary and mean. We want you calm and centered and ready to learn. Take a breath and look at this calming pile of comfort.

Here is a nice warm blanket of yes. You're going to be fine. 

Here is a nice warm blanket of yes. You're going to be fine. 

So here we go. Here are the facts about the changes to the Facebook News Feed. 

  • Facebook is going to change the way users interact with business pages.
  • Their goal is to show LESS of your content.
  • You will see an even smaller reach when you post. 
  • They say that the algorithm will favor meaningful interactions between people. That means that a post that just sits there will not reach many people. But if you get people talking to each other, you have a better chance. 
With this update, we will also prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. To do this, we will predict which posts you might want to interact with your friends about, and show these posts higher in feed. These are posts that inspire back-and-forth discussion in the comments and posts that you might want to share and react to – whether that’s a post from a friend seeking advice, a friend asking for recommendations for a trip, or a news article or video prompting lots of discussion.
— The Facebook Gods

You can read the whole release here. What this means is, we are going to have to do better and change up our strategies. 

Quality Over Quantity

None of us can hope to solve this by leaning on volume. We are all going to have to focus less on how many posts we make and more on whether or not they are good posts. We will have to work harder at analyzing and testing posts. Make your post meaningful, timely, engaging, and targeted and you have a better chance of reaching your audience organically.

While we are talking about the types of posts that work, authentic stories are the ones that resonate best. Those stories will get a better reach in the updated algorithm. So stay authentic and you're gold, Ponyboy.


Diversify Your Channels

You really shouldn't have put all your eggs in Facebook's basket. You probably didn't. But if you did... Make sure you are giving proper attention to the rest of your social media. Nurture your Twitter and LinkedIn. Start a new Insta if you reach a "younger" crowd - but only if your audience is there. Work smarter to grow and maintain those channels.

Facebook Live and/or Canned Video

Video video video. No longer an option, you MUST create fresh video content in order to get your message out there. That content MUST be relevant and engaging. What types are most engaging?

  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Demos
  • How-To Videos
  • Testimonials

More on these in the upcoming weeks.

Stop The Trickery

Honestly, you shouldn't be doing this anyway. Grifting the algorithm may get you more views but people see through it and Facebook hates it. You now have to be even more careful about the way you ask people to engage. They're done with engagement bait such as "Teachers hate when kids do this, don't you?" 

Get Facebook Ads Manager Smart

Facebook is a business. They are in this to make money. They aren't going to stop now. And the only surefire way to get your content seen is to boost them or create fresh ads. But be smart about it, learn how or hire someone who understands how to manage ads, create audiences, and keep on testing. You don't need to break the bank, just know how to do it right. 

Be Ready To Adapt

They said they are only 1% finished with their work and that's not just to keep us all on our toes. They will refine and change course as needed. 

You need to accept this fate. If your audience is on Facebook (that goes for most of us), you have to be ready to change course when needed. And as far as I can tell, they are going to keep on adjusting. And we will keep learning and helping you adjust.

Look On The Bright Side

It is a generally accepted truth that people are craving positive news. Facebook has set forth the idea that user well-being is a key goal for them. We are so there for that (see above for my displeasure at the term apocalypse).  We are "the glass is overflowing" type of people. We say YES and want to help you share your positive news too. 

That's why we scrapped a scary Blog Post title like "Facebook Apocalypse IS COMING! If You Don't Want Your Business To Disappear, CLICK NOW." 

You can come out from under the blanket now. Here's a puppy picture to bring you back to joy.

And a bonus kitten. Just for extra softs.

And a bonus kitten. Just for extra softs.