Facebook Apocalypse? Facebook Zero? A Look at Facebook News Feed Changes

Well. All our nightmares appear to be coming true. Facebook is going to destroy all our hard work in gaining followers and writing quality content and now no one will ever see anything good again.

Shhhhhh. Hush...calm down. That's just not right. No way is Facebook going to stop having businesses pay to get access to their audience. They are not going to do that.


Why? Because IT IS THEIR BUSINESS. They are not actually in the business of connecting you with your high school nemesis. They really don't care if your mom sees the video of baby's first steps.

Look. This is a company that cracked down HARD on drag queens and burlesque performers for creating a personal account for their stage name.  Let that sink in. Those folks make $50 on a Friday night and Facebook says. NOPE. Sorry Divine Miss Daisy, you are a business so you need to pay us if you want to reach your audience. 

They are not going to say "We hear you, good consumer! You don't like ads! We will just not do that any longer and take a 35% reduction in our profits."

So, we will figure it out. They will figure out how to take our money and we will figure out how to do it in the most cost effective way possible. 

We promise to remain calm and help in any way we can. 

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