The Education Principle

Education is likely the greatest marketing tool in the EMC7 toolkit. We understand people have an innate drive for learning, beginning from the moment they arrive on earth. And when you combine education with social responsibility, strong connections abound. We use the education principle throughout our clients’ marketing efforts to create relationships with consumers.

We also use this principle with our clients directly, by providing insight and learning into what we do for them. Our clients have the desire to learn too, and we find it to be socially, and financially, responsible to teach them how to maintain the marketing processes we develop for them. It’s what makes us feel good.

Most jobs I’ve ever had, I’ve learned on the job.

I don’t remember who said that, but I remember reading it years ago and it stuck with me.  Anytime I would get overwhelmed or intimidated by new situations, I remembered that quote and it was always a louder voice in my mind than other voice that shouted: “You are in over your head!”

Actual photo evidence of Dave, learning to code.

Actual photo evidence of Dave, learning to code.

That’s education, to me.  To others, education means degrees and letters and academia.  As the founder of an education marketing firm, I’m always cognizant of the importance of formal education and especially now, future generations being released out into the world and the global impact on what is learned will have on the fate of the planet.  We are passionate about our client’s impact on the world and hold in high regard the importance of staying true to these values in our work.

EMC7 was founded primarily to serve the education market.  But educating all our clients to enable them to do well by doing good using social media is important to us because it’s the socially responsible thing to do.  In other words, while we take the heavy lifting off our clients’ hands by devoting ourselves to serve as an extension of their marketing arm, we want to teach our clients to do what we do, effectively, efficiently, and autonomously because we walk the talk when we say knowledge is power. 

That’s why I had to laugh when I turned to my partner the other day and said “Becca, can you go into our website and fix this for me?” She smiled and said, “I’m going to teach you to fish”, and I didn’t grumble or grimace.  Sometimes I forget what I stand for and I need my esteemed colleague to remind me - another learning experience!  Ok, I grumbled a little, but ask Becca, I have never been known to grimace especially when it comes to fishing. 

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