What's With The Owls?

As humans, we are inclined to collect and segment objects. It helps create order from chaos. 

My grandfather always said having a passion and a collection was important. I took that to mean I should collect experiences which is not quite what I think he expected. He collected coins and stamps. 

But my Nana. She collected - boy did she collect. She collected owls. Everywhere we went, we bought an owl or two for her. This was before owls were everywhere. And I always associated Nana with owls. Wise, serene, expressive. 

When she died in 2012, my parents inherited the collection. I did not know this until I went "home" to stay in our family's sleeping barn. 

My mother had taken all 50+ owls and placed them on one small shelf in the barn. Over time, I started to sprinkle them through the house. Guests would visit and ask if I collected owls. I would always say no. I had inherited them, after all.

But then something started to happen. Guests would send thank you gifts. With owls on them. I started buying owl socks and iPad covers. And even stranger? Owls started to be a common design item.

I loved it.  

So when it came time to design our logo, our designer felt it was important to bring life (literally) to our identity, in the form of an animal. Dave and I like spirit animals so we were 100% supportive.

Todd suggested a swan and I am open minded so we saw some designs with swans. But the more I thought on it, I realized I actually don't care for swans very much.

Ever cooperative and client driven, he asked what animals I did like. And it was like a lightening bolt. Owls. I actually love owls. And in fact, I collect them. 

And as a bonus, they are wise and educational. 

We were lucky to have a wonderful collaboration which brought all the pieces together and now we have a logo that works for us in many ways, and is deeply connected to my family and to a wonderful woman I miss every day. 

Rebecca RyanComment