The Ensemble Principle

We have worked with so many amazing people over the years. So many talented, joyful, creative people. When we founded the company, we had two dreams.

  1. Harness the creative power of the gig economy.
  2. Match creative and personal passion with projects that excite. 

At EMC7, we work hard to match the right talent with the project. Of course, skills are at the core, but we believe that passion for the subject matter is critical. We have an ensemble of players with strengths in 7 core areas – design, words, ideas, strategy, technology, video, and project management. 

We are committed to creating opportunities for experienced digital marketers who want to work on projects that matter to them.  We have a wide network of contracted artists, copy writers and talented passionate individuals which make up our matchmaking cause-driven collective.  As projects come in, we look at our group and assign people that are not only good at what they do, but are also connected to the project in some way.

I was once able reduce project cost by 50% simply because the project was about a cause near and dear to my heart. Writing a social strategy was easier without having to research what people talked about or cared about when it came to Alzheimer's. Having participated in walks, read the literature, been on the sites, I knew the calendar nearly by heart. 

And that's what the Ensemble Principle is all about - connecting the right talent with the right projects for the benefit of all involved.

Want in? Send us your resume or give us a shout.  

Rebecca RyanComment