Education is FUNdamental

One of my favorite projects I worked on was a social media training session for a sales team in New Orleans. The sales meeting was designed to educate the team while providing team building activities. 

I was also launching our brand new turnkey multi channel marketing product. The product was built on a strong foundation of existing email marketing and digital advertising products. But it also included Twitter and Facebook targeted ads, along with content marketing on WeAreTeachers platforms. 

One challenge? While our sales team knew email marketing inside and out, and had a pretty good handle on targeted digital advertising, many were entirely new to social media - both personally and professionally. 

My solution was to create a team based social media scavenger hunt around the French Quarter. 


Teams were assigned at random and their task was to find certain landmarks. Company leaders were at each location to challenge the team and give them their next clue.

The catch? They had to take a selfie and geotag themselves/their team at the proper location. And post to social media. Teams also received points for posting typical NOLA things like pictures of brass instruments, statues, and more. 

It was all fun and games - and educational. 

Dave OrloffComment