I Got This

This Post is written by Guest Blogger, Lydia Mandell / Fearless over 40: On the “Glorification of Busy”

As I sit here trying to write this blog, I am overwhelmed by thoughts of the many things I need to get done and keep getting distracted about everything I need to do once I finish writing.   The distraction thought process is one part straight up procrastination, one part “ooh, shiny things,” and one part “if I don’t finish all these tasks TODAY, I am not a productive member of society.”

The glorification of being busy, doing it all, and “I got this” has taken over our society and especially the minds of my fellow entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.  I see Facebook posts and hear live pronouncements like this: “I only slept 4 hours but I got so much done,” “I never have  time for fun or a social life but business is killin’ it” and “I was SO productive today.” Conversely, I hear and read the defeat in the voices of women who say “I didn’t get

ANYTHING done today,” and “I am so unproductive today,” and the dreaded apologetic, “I RELAXED all day!” The last comment is usually uttered on a supposed day off. Working for myself, I often work weekends and erratic hours.  I have trouble managing my time and creating space for rest, fun, and connection in real life with actual people.  There is always something I SHOULD be doing.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  “I got this!”

More recently, I have been trying to ask for help and delegate tasks as much as I can. Always being one to do it myself, this has been challenging for me. What I’m finding is that there are plenty of people who are not only willing but HAPPY to help when asked.  I’ve become conscious of the need to unplug and go inward, the need to get quiet and walk away from the busy inner monologue that judges me by the tasks I complete.  I have the need to go deeper to that place of true authenticity and connection and thank myself for all I do each day whether it’s checked off my to-do list or not.

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