Spotlight Sunday: Marrakech Inc. of New Haven

Embracing Human Potential. Raising Expectations. Changing Lives.

I recently met some folks from Marrakech Inc. of New Haven. I have to admit that despite the fact that they have been around New Haven (and reaching well into Fairfield County) for 46 years and have served 1300 individuals, I hadn't heard of them. And I am so sorry that I have missed them because I really want to shout out to them.

Marrakech is a diverse nonprofit organization that has been providing person-centered, unique, and cost-effective human services for children and adults with and without disabilities throughout Connecticut for over 45 years. The services provided and individuals we support are diverse. But, there is a common goal: assist individuals with achieving greater self-sufficiency while they experience the best quality of life possible.
— Their Vision

To be fair, I split my time between Fairfield and, well, anywhere else I can be. I also have been a bit of a hermit so there's that. 

As a bit of a side note, Marrakesh Express is my all time favorite CSN song. I couldn't help but hum it when I heard the name. I kept dismissing it and saying "no way is it the same..." 

Reader, I was wrong.

Looking at the world through the sunset in your eyes.
Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind,
Had to get away to see what we could find.
Hope the days that lie ahead Bring us back to where they’ve led.
Listen not to what’s been said to you.
Don’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express?
— ©1969 Siquomb Music, Inc. Crosby, Stills & Nash

AND I WAS SO EXCITED. They have the best backstory ever and you can read it here if you are so inclined. 

They provide such a wide range of services, I wouldn't know where to start. But for me, the gist is that every individual matters. Everyone has a right to live up to their individual potentials. And that is important to us. Everyone is different and deserves to be treated as an human being, with kindness and respect. 


One of the things I loved hearing about the most is one of their programs called East Street Arts.  East Street Arts is a "social enterprise, dedicated to fostering the creation of art through artisan training programs, workshops and community interactions for persons of all abilities." They have both an art studio and a caning studio. Don't know what caning is? Look it up. Or check it out here. Your purchases help their artists directly earn income and help Marrakech continue to provide more art-based employment opportunities.

What can you do to support the mission of Marrakech Inc.? Here are a few suggestions. 

  • The tea towels and other products can be purchased at:
    • New Morning Market in Woodbury, CT (according to my sources, a totally righteous shop)
    • Mellow Monkey in Stratford, CT (I have no idea what this store is all about but now I need to go here)
  • Like East Street Arts and Marrakech on Facebook to keep up with volunteer opportunities and other events.
  • Donate to help support their efforts:
    • Group homes
    • Safe, affordable housing units
    • Employment programs
    • Outreach and case management
    • Family support services
    • Academies for Human Service Training
    • Community programs throughout Connecticut

We appreciate all they do for Connecticut and hope to be able to support them more in the future. 

Rebecca RyanComment