Social Media 101 Part 5: Trending in 2017 and Beyond

What's Old Is New 

When I wrote this in 2016 about 2017, I expected to make a massive change in 2017 about 2018. Turns out, I am pretty good at predictions. These all still hold true.

Live Video: Especially on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram live video dominated a lot of discussion in 2016 and business use only increased in 2017. The difference now is that people are learning how to cheat the system with "videos" that are simply static images with music behind them. It stops people in their scrolling but it also annoys more than it engages.

Don't get me wrong, video is still super important. And now that Facebook allows you to schedule your live events up front? It's even more powerful.


Paid Content and Preferential Content Treatment:  Did you know that your content does not automatically get shown to all your fans and followers? In some cases, only 10% of your followers will see the content. One way to increase your reach is through paid media. Paid media algorithms can make users happy with the content they see in their feeds – what they see from companies is targeted to them. Great for consumers! But expect it to get harder to be seen if you strictly publish organic social content. These highly targeted, shareable and trackable ads can be a smart investment when done properly.

A change in the last year? Everyone is getting better at targeting and better at allowing matched audience uploads. Kewl.

Content Development and Management: Managing social media profiles keeps getting easier and lives somewhere between efficiency and autopilot.  Social media engagement, listening, and publishing can take a lot of time, especially if done properly. That connection with your users comes from putting in the time to get to know them and connect with them authentically. However, in recent years, some businesses have automated to the point that their communications seem, well, robotic. Expect to see the pendulum swing more to the center. Fingers crossed.

Next up: 5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Do Better

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