Social Media 101 Part 6: 3 Things to Do Right Now to Up Your Social Media Game

With so much to do and so many platforms and combinations, it can feel overwhelming. We get it. It's enough to make you crawl under your desk Costanza style for a nap and a cry.

We have tried to give you enough of a background that you can get started. With that in mind, here are three things to do today to get started. 



1)      Clearly identify your goals.

Do you want to sell a $20 t-shirt? Are you looking to increase your email mailing list? Different goals require different tactics. Make sure you know exactly what you are trying to do and attach a concrete and trackable goal such as “I want to make a post that gets a 5% engagement rate” or “I want to get 500 new followers this month.”

2)      Pick your number one priority and go after it tenaciously.

Determine which tactic meets that goal. If you are trying to sell widgets, you may not need to build a large fan base on Facebook as much as you need to determine your audience and pay for highly targeted advertising. Test a few tactics if you are unsure. And re-test. And test again.

3)      Review your KPIs!

And don't stop there. Take the time to look at your results. Analytics are available for every platform. Find out what happened. Look at the numbers – try to determine WHY it worked or didn’t work.

Did it work well? Great! Repeat it. Did it not meet your expectations? Refine your work and try again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

We know the whole prospect can seem spinny and crazed. We are here to help. Connect with us if you need more. 

Rebecca RyanComment