Social Media 101 Part 3: Measure Twice, Review Repeatedly

They Like Me! They Really Really Like Me!

Measuring your success involves several key performance indicators. However, since different platforms use different terminology, it can seem confusing. Worry not. The terms generally mean the same thing, no matter what the platform calls it.

  • Engagement Rate: Your engagement rate is one of the most used social media metrics. It describes the amount of interaction -- likes, shares, comments -- a piece of content receives. It is usually calculated as the percentage of actions taken by the total people who were exposed to the content.
  • Fans/Friends/Followers/Connections: In a social media setting, these are the people who follow your account. They may count things differently but all these words represent individuals who have want to know what you have to say.  
  • Likes/Favorites/Loves: Represented by stars, hearts, thumbs ups symbols, these are all positive reactions to your content. It is a quick way to show approval.
  • Facebook Reactions – Facebook extended their like button to include six potential reactions: Like, Love, Laugh, Wow, Sad, and Angry. This allows you to get a deeper look at the emotions you are triggering. Let’s hope you get the first four most often!
  • Shares/Retweets: Not only do they (hopefully) like what you are saying, they want their friends to read it or see it!
  • Reply/Comments: Your people want to talk to you! Nice job. Whether they are asking questions, agreeing with you, or deepening the discussion, they are more engaged with your content than just a simple click! Respond to them – it shows you care.

Additional analytics can help you find out more about how you are doing with your target audiences. The more insights you can gather, the better you can provide quality content to your best customers.

You can pull your results weekly or you can use something like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to aggregate your results in one easy to read dashboard. Whatever method you choose, make sure you are looking at the results and always looking for clues about which activities are your best.

If you want to learn more or get in depth on these topics, please connect with us. We can geek out on this all day long.

Rebecca RyanComment