Our Diagnostic Report

Statistical review and analysis makes a huge difference.

Our analysis of a client’s existing website(s), social media channels, strategic plans and campaigns, and any other properties begins with a short discovery meeting to get to know an organization’s representatives and its business, mission, and future goals. In this meeting, we learn about organizational challenges and the marketing issues and problems that are affecting our client.

We have found that beginning our work together in this way creates an understanding and trust enabling a more pleasurable agency-client relationship and a professional atmosphere where success can more easily be attained.

Afterwards, we immediately begin our quantitative and qualitative investigation into our client’s marketing methods and activities. The result of this research is a diagnostic report.

This report is an EMC7 product which may be 1) assembled as a single project on a client’s behalf or 2) included in with other EMC7 products or services or as part of a comprehensive marketing effort. This report generally includes —

  • Review of relevant current digital properties
  • Review of utilized marketing assets and creative content
  • Qualitative audit of website(s) and social properties
  • Competitive analysis
  • Client goals assessment
  • Recommendations for updates where necessary
  • Identification of recommended target audience(s)
  • Establish social media goals
  • Content recommendations, associated channels for deployment, and frequency

 This Diagnostic Report is key to develop a marketing strategy which is embodied in another EMC7 offering, Our Editorial Calendar. Read more about EMC7 Editorial Calendar→